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Investing in Marseille

The Marseille region in figures (2016)

Located between Europe and the Mediterranean, Marseille is the key to the future …

Marseille is the French metropolitan area which has seen the highest increase in its appeal in 2014 ( source : BVA / Cholury Consultant ).

Marseille has all the benefits of a large, southern-European city: the ideal location for your company. Investing in Marseille means committing to one of the best hubs in the Mediterranean region: a city experiencing rapid economic, social and cultural growth. It features in the TOP10 most beautiful seaside cities.



Marseille is open to the Mediterranean Sea and benefits from an exceptional geographical location at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Far East. A strategic location that has become an interface for Euro-Mediterranean trade, with access to a market of more than 800 million consumers.

The Grand Port Maritime de Marseille provides access to the entire world, and is the leading port in France and in the Mediterranean region in terms of tonnage. Ideally situated on the Mediterranean coast, the port of Marseille Fos, the no. 1 French port, is the natural entrance to southern Europe. It positions itself as an alternative to the ports in northern Europe. 

In an area as large as that of the City of  Paris, the port has the space and infrastructure to simultaneously host maritime, logistical and industrial activities.

It is a general port which deals with all types of general freight ( containers and other packaging ) and dry bulk ( ores and grains).     

81 million tonnes of freight were handled in 2016

43,500 direct and indirect jobs, 1,000 which are for GPMM








The Marseille Provence Airport served 8.3 million passengers in 2015. Featuring the first low-cost terminal in Europe, it now offers flights to 152 non-stop destinations in 32 countries, connecting with all European hubs.


Railway connections transport 11 million passengers per year. Marseille is 3 hours from Paris, and also within reach of Lille, London, Brussels, Düsseldorf and Amsterdam. Three motorways provide access to the city, and also link Marseille with northern Europe and the Latin arch (Italy, Spain).


Marseille is a globally significant logistics hub. The metropolitan area is one of the primary multimodal merchandise exchange hubs in Europe. The port area of Marseille is rapidly developing: private investments totalling over 6 billion euros will be made over the next few years.



The Marseille area is experiencing significant change, from an economic, cultural and tourism point of view. Today, the city is developing rapidly in order to meet two primary goals: to reinforce Marseille's role as an international hub for the service sector, and to construct a sustainable, intelligent and innovative Mediterranean city model, based on the Ecocités ("smart city") approach.

Ambitious investment programmes are in place to stimulate the economic vigour of the city. 60 million euros in investments are planned by 2040 for launching large-scale projects: development of the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille, Marseille Provence European Capital of Culture 2013, Euroméditerranée, merger of the 3 Aix-Marseille universities, Cadarache-Iter CEA prototype nuclear reactor, port logistics,…

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