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A key player in energy transformation, the EDF Group operates in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region across a number of different sectors: production, primarily hydraulic, transport, distribution, product marketing and services relating to energy efficiency and sustainable cities.

In its strategic plan, EDF clearly identified as a key priority its commitment to supporting its clients and the various territories. EDF has been actively investing, and through its projects has been contributing towards reaching the goals of regional authorities and urban metropolises, allowing them to tackle challenges with innovative, efficient, customised energy solutions favouring the production of low-carbon power.

Beyond the establishment of the EDF Commerce Méditerranée regional management structure within Euroméditerranée, the EDF Group has been significantly involved since the project's inception. In particular, EDF and its subsidiaries have been appointed as energy operator for the SMARTSEILLE district, an eco-district benefiting its occupants through optimised energy costs. The EDF Group has developed a hot/cold regulated sea water loop system. This sea water loop allows for the control of energy transfers by balancing supply and demand. It is able to incorporate the principle of “Energy solidarity” owing to the variety of building programmes in place. To provide an example, this internal network allows certain premises to benefit from a transfer of the heat from offices for use in heating water in sanitary installations. The sea water loop will increase the contribution rate of local renewable energies towards the heating and cooling of buildings and the district in general by 75%. This solution represents a saving of more than 600 tons of CO2 per year. Another objective of this virtuous system is a 30% reduction in energy bills.

In terms of SMARTSEILLE user services, several subsidiaries offer their assistance and expertise for the development of mobility services (SODETREL), city lighting (CITELUM), an energy coaching system (Netseenergy and Délai), smart grids / energy self-consumption within the eco-district (Capenergies + EDF ENRS).

This project fully illustrates the EDF Group's aims and policy in terms of innovation and efficient solutions, serving the City of the Future.




A unique player in the digital landscape, StarDust is the leader in digital product testing validation. Through its experience and positioning as a trusted third-party, StarDust guides its clients throughout the creation process for their websites, apps and the internet of things by performing operational and technical testing for its clients. Since its creation in 2011, StarDust has been located in the Belle de Mai media hub in Marseille, benefiting from an environment that is exceptionally active and propitious to developing its business.

“In the digital universe, everything is going “too” fast. Uses, trends and technologies are constantly changing. Faced with both opportunities and risks, our perpetually shifting environment requires us to constantly rethink work methods in order to confidently design and develop digital products. Testing companies adeptly guide digital creators in this constant digital transformation; testing can even be found at the core of the development process.
StarDust is at this heart of this environment by guiding its clients over the long term in their quality process through its approach based on experience and operational pragmatism.” 




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